Limited Resource Teacher Training

Volunteer Teacher Training Course

About the project
Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT) developed an online course to prepare volunteers to teach abroad. LRTT needed support in piloting the course with volunteer teachers, getting their feedback, and making revisions based on their input to help them become rockstars in the classroom.

What I did 
Focus group testing, curriculum development, film direction

About Limited Resource Teacher Training
LRTT is a UK-based company that brings teachers from around the world together to learn from each other, share what works, and ultimately improve how students learn.


Website Development

About the project
LRTT needed an engaging website that told how the small company was taking on the global teacher shortage crisis in developing countries. LRTT's approach: recruit certified, experienced teaching fellows to support untrained teachers in rural communities.

What I did 
Web development (WordPress), image editing (Photoshop), copy editing