Expect More Bright Spot Video Series

About the project
The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (WRF) commissioned a series of six videos that feature what communities across Arkansas are doing to prepare more students and their parents to earn degrees and certificates. By obtaining more education, more Arkansans will have what it takes to succeed in high-skilled, higher paying jobs.

What I did 
Concept development, planning, film direction, project management, consultant management, script and promotional content writing

About Expect More Arkansas
Expect More Arkansas is an initiative of WRF created in response to research from MDC, Inc., that shows 70 percent of jobs in Arkansas require a high school diploma or less, and the majority of these jobs don't pay a family-supporting wage. Through Expect More, WRF is proving that Arkansas has an opportunity to shape the state's future by investing now in the right advanced-skills training and education and build a stronger state economy.